How do I make decent money on the Internet?

I’m making $200 dollars a week, with no investment.

Disclaimer: This method works best if you’re into video games and have a decent understanding on what’s ‘hot’ at the moment.

Ref: G2A.COM Marketplace

This is affiliate marketing targeted at PC gamers (very large audience) using gamer populated sites. Learning the basics Affiliate marketing is rather simple, you want as many people clicking your link. The more people that click your link, the higher chance of earning a commission. G2A sells cheap video games, sometimes reducing the prices by 70%. It’s popular, but a large percentage of PC gamers still haven’t heard about it, and still buy games on Steam, Origin, Battlenet etc. The site is absolutely legit and is extremely high quality. I’ve been using it for over a year for my own purchases, and only recently decided to start earning money from it. Clicking on the affiliate link save your affiliate link in their Cookies. So if they click on it, and don’t decide to buy a game straight away, you’ll still get a commision as long as they make a purchase in the next year. Awesome right? Comparing this to affiliate programs like amazon where the Cookies lifespan is a day.

How to Sign up Click the link at the top of this post and register on the website, and then go to the Goldmine. The Goldmine is the affiliate program, and it’ll be your home for some time. When you make your first purchase on g2a (you can invest like $3 and make a purchase) you’ll get some demo affiliates under your name, so you can check out how it all works if you wish.

The hierarchy The hierarchy system is something that you always must have in mind. Not all of the gamers who click on your link have to purchase something. You can form your own affiliate team and encourage them spread your link around the Internet, and you’ll still be making money. The hierarchy system is explained by this illustration on g2a: You’re on top, and your level 1 gamers make you 100% of the income. Level 1 gamers refer level 2 gamers, from which you get 60% (and your level 1 gamer gets 100% from the earning). The level 2 gamers refer level 3 gamers, from which you earn 40% (your level 1 gamers earn 60%, and your level 2 gamers earn 100%). The more you earn, the bigger percentage you get from every sale.
Clickers divided into 3 groups: Not all people who you’re targeting should be people who buy PC games. According to that, I’ve made up 3 groups of people which you can target, and each group is unique. 1) The Big Fish (TBF) 2) The Inner Circle (TIC) 3) The Small Fish (TSF) The 3 Groups: The Big Fish TBF are popular people in the world of gaming. They’re streamers, Youtubers, community managers, or any well-known person that gamers know of. The income they can bring you is not direct, and they’re only used to attract more people from which you earn your money, but they earn as well. Most streamers and Youtubers are in the business for the money, so introducing them to a new way of income with no effort at all can be pretty interesting for them. I, personally, currently have 4 popular streamers under my affiliate and they’re generating at least 50% of my total income. The streamers are streaming on a site called Twitch. The streamers only have to share their link on their livestream and try to promote it every hour or two, and you’ll be getting money in no time. I’ve got an extremely popular streamer under my link. He gets around 10k people watching on average and he generates around 2,000 clicks daily. Take into consideration that I’ve got 14 live streamers under my name, which makes me get at least 10,000 cookies daily. Most of them don’t buy straight away, but at least 50% of them do buy at least 1 game. Do the math yourself and please think… Do you see the potential? There’s thousands of streamers, hundred thousands of people watching, and an infinite crowd where you can share your link. Q: Why would they be interested? A: Why would they buy a game for $60 if they can buy it for $30? Approaching Twitch streamers and how to catch their attention.

Don’t: spam their chat, spam their PMs, use accounts named like ‘g2aAnakin’ ‘buysellkeys’ etc. Do: approach them like a regular viewer with a great idea of earning extra income. PM them, act like you’re watching them for months.

Another part of the TBF group are Youtubers. The only difference between them and Twitch streamers is that they can’t advertise directly on Youtube, but they do have their Facebook fan pages, Twitters and other means of social media contacts. Approach is the same: PM them, talk to them, tell them they can earn money from it. Most of the Youtubers are more open minded to this idea than streamers. Streamers are really hard to get under your affiliate and you will most likely get rejected in 99% of the cases. The 1% will generate crazy income, so the main focus should be: never give up. Try several times, try different games, try all kinds of different things, but never get disappointed. It’ll help you.

The Inner Circle TIC is a group of people, friends, who you know play PC games. You share the website with them, and then talk them into spreading the word about the website. It’ll generate an income both for you and them. The point of TIC is to share methods, share work efforts and generate an income for both of you and your TIC members. Managing your TIC is something of significant importance, and it’s up to you whether you’ll work 1 on 1 with each member of your TIC or you’ll form a group of people working together to accomplish goals. My personal TIC is managed in a way that people don’t know about each other and I mostly support and work with 1 person in private.

The Small Fish TSF are gamers who actually do purchase games. They’re not people you target by-person, but people who get attracted in the terms of massive advertisement either by your, your TBF or your TIC. They’re the people who spend, and the people who make your income. Other than letting your TBF or TIC do the work of gathering TSF, I will list my own personal methods of how I have collected the majority of my TSF. Reddit Making posts on reddit can get you a lot of cookies as well. Let’s take for example The Witcher 3 again, which will be extremely popular in the upcoming weeks. The Witcher 3 retails at €60 on Steam at the moment. G2a is offering it for €27-33. The players who’re hyped about the new Witcher game would surely love to get this information, as they’ll be saving such a great amount of money. You can head over to All things related to the Witcher series. • /r/witcher for example, and you’ll see some of my posts there. In 2 weeks of the link being up, I’ve made around $160 just from advertising this one game on reddit. G2a offers links to certain products as affiliate links, so you won’t have to link people directly to the site, but rather link them to the product. Take my link for example: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Pre-Purchase STEAM CD-KEY GLOBAL of the people who click it don’t even know they’re registering under my affiliate link, and some are so delighted with the prices that they’ve already bought several games, all under my cookies. Browse the subreddits a bit and share your link on every post/page you think it’d be worth.

You can also use other social media, but I’ve used only Youtube, Reddit and Facebook. The audience is extremely populated here and I’m quite sure there are infinite possibilities and pages you can advertise on. I hope this has peaked your interest or at the very least helped you in some way. This post, though massive, is a bit of a summary.

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