Make money selling games

The site G2A Goldmine is a referral site linked to gaming site selling videos, one of the main platforms of games and software sales.

The money you receive is proportional to purchases made in the store using your G2A your referral link or your coupons.

A referral link is actually a simple link assigned individually.

Your team consists of three levels:

-Level 1: Direct Referrals.

-Level 2: Referrals from your referrals.

-Level 3: Referrals from your referrals to their downline.

You will earn money every time one of your referrals buy a game (regardless of level). The game is more expensive, the more it will yield.

The referral link is your primary tool for making money. Here is the principle:

Forget for a time only commissions! Everyone who makes a purchase through your link will be added permanently to your team. Each order made by that person will allow you to make a profit. And it’s not all ! If the person you sponsored, did the same with his friends, you will also earn a commission! A good drawing is worth all the best explanations of the world:

Each product G2A.COM includes information on the amount of commission. If someone clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase, cookies ensure that you receive the amount indicated on the product page. The person placing the order is at level 1 compared to you. Level 1 means you win 100% of the amount indicated on the product page. Also, if the sponsored person recommends its own link, you will receive 60% of the first-level commission. Finally, you will receive 40% of the amount indicated on the product page on sponsorships third level.


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