How do I make money using G2A Goldmine?

Short answer: Just go to, create a free account, read the instructions and get started.

But that won’t bring anyone really far so that’s why I wrote this article on how to make money using G2A Goldmine. I’ll explain to you how it really works, how to get started, and how to get to a point where you can make a nice amount of money every day with almost no effort.

So what is G2A Goldmine actually?

G2A Goldmine is a referral program set up by G2A which you can use to make money. The idea is simple: You get a link, you share the link, and if anyone clicks on the link and makes a purchase you will get a small amount of money. A cookie is installed on their browser after clicking so if they make the purchase a few days later, you still get rewarded. But it gets better: Once someone made a purchase through your referral, they are in your team FOREVER. This means that any time they purchase something, you make money.

Now you might think that that is it. But it’s not. If someone you referred sets up their own Goldmine, you make 60% of the commissions they get, and if those people set up Goldmines, you make another 40% of their earnings! It’s like a great pyramid with you on top. Because of this system, it is very profitable to not only refer people to G2A, but also get them to start their own goldmine themselves.

So now you know what G2A Goldmine is, let’s actually get to work!

The first thing you have to do is create a G2A Goldmine account by following this link:
. When you go to the Goldmine section of the site, you will see your dashboard. This is where you can see your earnings per level (the pyramid system we talked about), the amount of referrals per level, how many cookies you have and much more. To create a new link go to the “Tools” section and click “Add more”. You can create links to the main store page of G2A but also to the pages of specific games or discounts.

Now that you have your link you need to distribute it. This can be done in numerous ways, some more effective and difficult than others. The easiest way is to go to G2A Goldmine fan pages and reply to the “Click for click” threads but this isn’t very efficient and won’t make you much cookies. A better way to do this is to approach Twitch streamers and Youtube channels privately and tell them about G2A Goldmine. Chances are that they have never heard of it and you will link them in the right direction using your very own Goldmine link. You can possibly gain a very big amount of Level 2 referrals like this as hundreds of people will click on the streamers link every day. Don’t spam them though, as this will scare them away. Just approach the streamers like you have been watching them for a while and want to make them a great offer.

Another nice way to build up a team is by posting your link on fan pages of games. Maybe a new popular game will release soon and there are numerous fan made Facebook pages with thousands of followers. Just posting a link there every day will already make you a lot. This way really just consists of spamming and therefore is pretty easy. Another thing you can do is target the owners of the Facebook pages themselves, this will make them advertise for you without you having to post links every day.

The last way of referring people is by contacting your friends. Work together to build up a team of hundreds of people and share your work and methods to conveniently generate money for you all. I really encourage this way because working together with someone not only makes it more fun, but also way more efficient.

So that’s all you have to know to get started with G2A Goldmine. Good luck advertising and thanks for reading!

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